Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Classroom activities - Class A, June Session

Class time in the TIP program has a wide range of activities. Our purpose is to build a team to work together and improve everyone's spoken English. We begin with 30+ teachers from all over China who don't know each other and in just a few days we are close friends and everyone is doing their best to help everyone else succeed. The first picture is from our Talent Show. Each class has to perform before the entire group of 200 or so students and they can do whatever they would like. The performance must last 7-8 minutes and at some point, everyone in the class must participate. Our Class A (June session) was very creative in their costumes and chose to sing a song called I am a Pizza. In preparation, we showed them what a pizza was and how it was made, including an explanation of the ingredients. As you can see, they had lots of fun!
One of our students, Amy, was great at organizing us all, and she always wanted everything perfect. Here she is arranging the group for our class picture.
We are all ready -- but where's Panda?
Waiting around is a favorite activity in China. It seems like the students are use to it and do it very patiently.
This was a class activity -- sort of. As part of the week-end Photo Scavenger Hunt, they were suppose to take a picture of a bottle of Coke. Did I mention that this was a creative group?

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